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  w/Lenny [email protected]Presidents Pub,Quincy,MA 1/26/12 "Lonely Days and Whiskey Nights".       

w/Lenny Lashley @Hotel Vernon, Worcester, MA 11/10/11 "Happily".

   w/ Lenny Lashley @Paradise Rock Club, Boston,MA 12/17/11 "Hotter than July".     

w/ Lenny Lashleys Gang of [email protected] Rock Club, Boston,MA 12/17/11."London Town".

w/Lenny Lashleys' Gang of One, on a boat, Boston, MA 8/25/12 "Cambridgeport Saloon".   

w/Lenny [email protected] Ballroom, Hampton Beach,NH 8/3/12 "Viva Rock and Roll".

      w/Lenny [email protected] Wonderland Ballroom, Boston,MA 12/3/2011 "Happily"        

w/Lenny Lashleys' Gang of [email protected] McCabes, Somerville,MA 9/20/12, 12:52am "Try to make it right".

w/Lenny [email protected]Jamaica Plain Music festival, Boston,MA 9/8/12 "Two Robbers".

w/Lenny Lashleys' Gang of [email protected] Plain Music festival, Boston,MA 9/8/12 "Tonight".