Live videos 2010/2011 more Live videos 2011/2012

"Foggy Mountin Top"w/Dave Talmage-Fiddle, Doug Baker-Guitar,Bob Kortis-Banjo  WSCA Portsmouth,NH.  


"Fiddle Tune"w/Dave Talmage-Fiddle,Doug Baker-Guitar,Bob Kortas-Banjo WSCA 11/29/10

"Till the end of the world rolls around".w/Dave Talmage-Banjo,Doug Baker-Guitar,Bob Kortas-Dobro

"Salt Creek" w/ Dave Talmage-Fiddle, Doug Baker-Guitar, Bob Kortas-Banjo 11/29/10

             w/ Geoff Useless @ the Basement, Nashville,TN 11/15/10"Tell Me What".                

w/ Geoff Useless @ The Midawy Cafe, Boston, MA 1/3o/11 "Told you once".

        w/Jonee [email protected]' Portland, ME 1/29/10"Sedated Rabbit".                           

     w/ Jonee Earthquake @ UUC Rutland,VT 12/17/10 "Play with Fire".